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Paramedics, nurses keep watch at QLD watch-houses

Media Release:
Minister for Health - The Honourable Lawrence Springborg

Paramedics, nurses keep watch at QLD watch-houses

Detainees in watch-houses will be monitored and treated by a paramedics or a nurse in a trial designed to blunt the dangers of alcohol, drugs and street violence.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said 17 watch-houses were included in the trial, which was part of the Government’s Queensland-wide ‘Safe Night Out’ Strategy.

Dedicated paramedic officers and registered nurses will begin staffing watch-houses on New Year’s Eve and on Friday and Saturday nights from January 2, 2015.

Thorazine: Old Pharma Adverts

Pharma Adverts...
How things have changed!?
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Still unsure about the benefits of getting a flu vax?

Gestational Influenza Increases Risk for Bipolar Disorder
For some time now there's been much conjecture about vaccinations, including whether to have a flu shot. There is the long running argument about drugs crossing the placental barrier (and autism); the various strains of influenza and which vaccination to choose; and risk vs. reward including costs...
New research shows that if a woman has the flu during pregnancy, her child has a nearly4-fold increased risk of having bipolar disorder later in life
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