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September 2014

Aged Care into the Future (Breakfast Meeting)

Aged Care into the Future (Breakfast Meeting)

This Extra ACHSM Breakfast Forum will be held at Jeta Gardens, Bethania in association with Logan City Council

Logan retirement and aged care resort, Jeta Gardens will become the first intergenerational facility of its kind in the country. The Master Plan development includes additional retirement villas and apartments, serviced aged care facilities, a clubhouse, pharmacy and childcare facilities. A private hospital and international training college specialising in geriatrics, including student accommodation, will also be developed, in partnership with one of Queensland's renowned universities.

New campaign says GP not ED

Media Release
Minister for Health
The Honourable Lawrence Springborg

New campaign says GP not ED

A new marketing campaign aims to improve Emergency Department wait times by encouraging patients to visit their GP, instead of hospital Emergency Departments.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said Queensland Health had begun planning the campaign to reduce the thousands of unnecessary ED presentations to Queensland hospitals every year.
“We have a strong commitment to improving frontline health services and ensuring that Queenslanders get the very best of care,” Mr Springborg said.

100,000 avoidable deaths - Ian Bushfield

From: Ian Bushfield
Subject: 100,000 avoidable deaths
To: Rebecca Ward Consulting
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 01:52:06 +0000

Dear friends,

Watch and share our 3 short new videos that show why we urgently need all clinical trials registered and results reported.Withholding results costs lives - The results of a 1980s clinical trial on heart drug Lorcainide were never published. Doctors didn’t know that more people died in the trial who were given Lorcainide than who were taking the placebo. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people died avoidably because they were prescribed drugs in the same class.
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