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May 2014

Mastering Difficult Colleague Interactions with Dr Mark O'Brien, Cognitive Institute

Rebecca Ward Consultingis proud to support theACHSMQld Branch (in association withCognitive Institute) in a one-day workshop focussing on enhancing the effectiveness and ease of dealing with difficult colleague interactions in healthcare. This workshop is designed for all who work in healthcare.

Difficult people and situations are often the biggest stressors for all who work in healthcare. However, there can be added pressure when difficult interactions occur with colleagues because of the need to often maintain a long term functional and professional relationship that goes beyond the particular issue being addressed in a challenging interaction.

Physicians can expect criminals to target their EHR (electronic health records)

Caution in Australia with electronic health records! Lessons from the US with EHR.

Stolen EHR Charts Sell for US$50 Each on Black Market
Robert Lowes Ref:

Physicians can expect criminals to increasingly target their electronic health records (EHRs) for patient information that they can sell on the black market for $50 per chart, warns the FBI.The agency's Cyber Division issued a memo earlier this month forecasting what already has become apparent with every hacked hospital Web site and stolen physician laptop — criminals see a golden opportunity in healthcare information technology.
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