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March 2014

Depression Inadvertently Linked to Heart Disease?

Chronic episodes of depression may be "causally linked" to an increased risk for coronary heart disease (CHD). Recent findings from the ongoingWhitehall II study, which began in 1985, showed that patients who had depressive symptoms during 1 or 2 assessments did not have an added risk for CHD.

There was, however, a significant increase in risk if they reported symptoms during 3 or more assessments. The aim of the Whitehall II study was to track cardiovascular disease over time and included n=10,308 civil servants (mean age 44.

Great moments in Medical History...

What NOT to wear when you are presenting

Recently we ran another half day workshop with theACHSM (Australian College of Health Service Management),Perfecting Your Presentations (Managing the Art of Public Speaking)”.

The way you dress for a presentation may be one of the last things on your list after nerves; practicing your speech; the audience members and possible presenting blunders but the way you present yourself is as important for the audience as it is for your self-confidence. If you feel comfortable and professional chances are this will come across.
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