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October 2013

ACHSM Breakfast Forum and Half Day Symposium

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust... It's all about Quality, Safety & Trust!
On the eve of the first Ashes cricket test at the GABBA, Brisbane, ACHSM (Qld) will bring together an interesting and experienced team of health executives for its 2013 Annual State Healthcare Symposium. The major focus will be on the Quality and Safety of Healthcare Services in Queensland. This event will start with the breakfast forum followed by the Half Day Symposium.

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The Seven Dwarfs of Safety

The Seven Dwarfs of Safety...
Recently I was asked to speak at a safety conference where we discussed risk carried by an organisation and the impact this could have on the bottom line. Essentially, looking at risk is akin to peering into a crystal ball and gives you the ability to assess and meet current needs while addressing the future requirements of the business. This is a distinct competitive advantage.
I wanted to take a very serious and complex issue and present it in a simple yet memorable way to help organisations identify potential threats.
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