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Rebecca Ward (and BEAT) Consulting are committed to the provision of high-quality Management Consulting services. We are specialists in professional services: healthcare, law and accounting. 

We are experts in the long-term sustainability of businesses focussing on operational efficiencies with the aim of allowing business owners, executives and C-suite to focus on their primary job. For example, a cardiologist can focus on treating patients and reporting on rather than working on - ROI; and/or a Chief Operating Officer (COO) can focus on operations and rather than contract management and HR issues. 

We offer Management Consulting in:
► Employment Contract review to protect IP, confidentiality and TBL; 
► Operational Efficiencies including acting / temporary company C-suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CHRM etc); 
► SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management); 
► Strategic Acquisition of Clients and Sustainable Business Development Strategy; 
► Medical quality improvement, accreditation and certification +/- Hospital Process Mapping and Patient Journey Analysis (Emergency Department focus) NB: Trained at Rush University, Chicago USA; 
► Sustainable business practices incorporating the TBL (triple bottom line) examining protracted ROI (return on investment); and 
► Staff retention and protection of IP. 

            Phone: 1300 569 099 

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