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Rebecca Ward Consulting office

Rebecca Ward Consulting T/A Barristers Health is committed to providing high-quality Management Consulting, Counselling, and Psychotherapy Services. 

We specialise in supporting the mental health of law (judges, barristers, solicitors, paralegals, et al.) and law enforcement (police, police prosecution, et al).




We offer Management Consulting in the following:

► How to work with employees that have high degrees of narcissism (or avoid hiring altogether)

► Reading the room and body language (trained Yale, USA)

► Employment Contract review to protect IP, confidentiality, and the TBL (Triple Bottom Line)

► Operational Efficiencies, including acting / temporary company C-suite

► SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

► BD (Business Development) and crafting of your message

► Strategic Acquisition of Clients and Sustainable Business Development Strategy

► Quality improvement, accreditation, and certification 

► Process Mapping and Patient Journey Analysis *Trained Rush University Medical Center, Chicago USA

► Sustainable business practices incorporating the TBL examining protracted ROI (return on investment)

► Staff retention

►Protection of Intellectual Property (IP). 

Phone: 1300 569 099

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