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We offer Management Consulting in the following:

► How to work with employees who have high degrees of narcissism (or avoid hiring them altogether). 

► Reading the room and body language (trained Yale University, USA). 

► Employment Contract review to protect IP, confidentiality, and the TBL (Triple Bottom Line). 

► Operational Efficiencies, including acting / temporary company C-suite. 

► SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

► BD (Business Development) and crafting of your message. 

► Strategic Acquisition of Clients and Sustainable Business Development Strategy. 

► Process Mapping and Patient Journey Analysis. 

► Sustainable business practices incorporating the TBL examining protracted ROI (return on investment). 

► Staff retention. 

►Protection of Intellectual Property (IP). 

Phone: 1300 569 099

Rebecca Ward Consulting office

Rebecca Ward Consulting is committed to providing high-quality Management Consulting, Counselling, and Psychotherapy Services. 

Management consulting provides professional guidance and advice to organisations to help them improve their overall performance and achieve their business goals. This typically involves analysing the client's business processes, identifying areas for improvement, and developing and implementing strategies to address those areas. Management consulting aims to help clients become more efficient, effective, and profitable.


Management consulting is vital in helping organisations achieve their business goals and improve their overall performance. By providing professional guidance and advice, management consultants help businesses identify areas for improvement, develop effective strategies, and implement solutions that drive growth and profitability. The insights and expertise provided by management consulting services can help businesses stay competitive, adapt to new market conditions, and navigate complex challenges. Ultimately, management consulting can help organisations become more efficient, effective, and successful in achieving their objectives.


Responsibilities and Duties of a Management Consultant

    A. Analysis of the client's business. 

    B. Identifying areas for improvement.

    C. Developing and implementing solutions.

    D. Providing guidance and support.


Types of Consulting Services Offered

    A. Strategy consulting. 

    B. Operations consulting. 

    C. Financial consulting. 

    D. HR consulting. 

    E. Speciality: Medical and Health Management Consulting. 

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